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IU Sucks. A History Lesson.

So the story that mentioned IU sucks seems to have created quite a stir.  Love it or hate it the IU Sucks cheer isn’t going anywhere.  I am proud to say that along with the Dr. I created this cheer.  I know since this is the Internet my claim to this is dubious at best.  I assure you though this is true.  Let’s jump back to that long ago year of 2008 and I will take you on a history lesson.

Do you remember 2008?  It seems so long ago.  Lindsay Lohan was in rehab for only the first time.  Tiger Woods was just known as the best golfer on Earth and Ryan Kerrigan was just another player on the Purdue defense.  This was also the year that Boilerlaker, myself, and the Dr. were officers in the Paint Crew.  The Dr. and myself were invited to go to band practice to listen to new songs they were thinking of playing during games and give our feedback.  Remember this is the time when Rock and Roll part 2 was banned due to the student section yelling IU Sucks during a break in the song.  The Dr. and I sat through 1.5-2 hours of band practice that day.   The Dr. and I were not fans of a certain song known as “Hail Fire” because we thought the motions that the band did with it, and they wanted us to do with them, were stupid and made the Paint Crew look dumb.  They just happen to want us come to the front for that specific song so that we could see what the motions look like when a large group of people do it.  Needless to say Dr. and I were not happy about this.

We wanted this song gone.  The only question is how could we get a song to not be played.  It seemed so obvious once we thought of it.  Yell IU Sucks during the song!  They got rid of Rock N Roll part 2 because of that surely they would get rid of this song for the same reason.  Luckily there is great spot to yell IU Sucks right at the end of this song.  The game after this we put our plan in motion.  At the end of the song we decided we were going to do it.  We got officers to agree to it and had T-Harris spread the word around him.  At the end of the song we yelled it and people laughed.  The next game more people yelled it and before you know it the entire Paint Crew was yelling it.  As the season progressed even some of the olds were yelling it and some of the olds were smiling, laughing, and even looking forward to the cheer.  Sure we heard some grumbles but the positive far outnumbered the negative.  Eventually the song moved to football and the entire student section does it there as well.

Sitting with the olds gives me a good take on what a lot of them think of it.  At football many of the fans around me simply laugh when it happens.  They always know it’s coming but they seem to enjoy it.  Basketball is more of a mixed bag.  An older couple sits behind me at the games.  The woman says she, and her grandson, love it while the old man behind me thinks it’s distasteful.  The same goes for another couple behind me.  Of course this cheer isn’t for everyone.  In my mind though it’s better than Wisconsin football, if you don’t know what I mean check it out online.  It’s also much better than IU football, Minnesota basketball, Michigan football, and many other teams.  If you don’t get any of those references look them up and you will see what I mean.

Long story short the word sucks isn’t the end of the world.  It doesn’t mean we are obsessed with IU.  They are our rival, we simply like to remind them that they suck.  What’s wrong with that?  It’s once a game and takes up a total of 3-5 seconds.  At the end of the day this is about the students and letting them enjoy themselves.  If you think it’s stupid and classless and, to quote one commenter, that we are “dipshits” so be it.  If yelling IU sucks is the worst thing Purdue fans yell during a sporting event I would say there are worse things in the world.

There are 19 Comments to "IU Sucks. A History Lesson."

  • Sunshine says:

    Dumbest blog post ever. Why did you take time to write this?

  • ledman24 says:

    I wrote it for two reasons and they are listed below for your entertainment pleasure.

    1. IU Sucks

    2. There was a lot of talk recently on here and on GBI about this cheer and how immature and crude it was so I decided to give everyone a little bit of perspective and history on the subject.

    • Mike Hinen says:

      this is by far the dumbest thing i have ever read…at no point in your rambling incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought, everyone is now dumber for having read this. I award you zero points and my God have mercy on your soul

  • Juan says:

    Though I do find this article interesting, I do feel you brought this up at a random time.

    I don’t know why people think saying “IU Sucks” is so bad when the student section says “1st Down, B****” at every football game, yet Purdue Bands decides to stop Rock and Roll Part 2 (though they brought it back) but don’t even get rid of the 1st down cheer. The 1st Down, B**** is always going to be heard on TV, no matter how hard you try to muff it up, “IU Sucks” tends to happen when there are commercials so it’s hardly going to be heard on TV.

    At the Purdue/IU Volleyball game, Ishbah Cox, the band director for the pep band at the game, decided not to play Hail Fire because saying IU Sucks is disrespectful and called the Block Party (the student section) “classless.” 1) The Block Party is way more classy than the Paint Crew and Football student section will ever be, and 2) The band plays things that cause the student sections to say worse things.

    I think Purdue needs to take a chill pill when it comes to IU Sucks, get rid of the 1st down cheer before getting rid of songs that make the student section want to say “IU Sucks”.

  • ledman24 says:

    Juan we decided to write this now because in the recent post by jabergho we got called dipshits for saying IU sucks so we decided to defend ourselves.

  • shart says:

    well, you are dipshits

  • jabergho says:

    Its easy to be more “classy” when you have about 10% of the members the paint crew has. Cannot monitor everyone. That being said, a few things come to mind:
    1. The block party may be more classy, but they are the reason that people in the paint crew feel the need to speed up cheers (which sounds awful) and make hand motions for every player (which looks awful)
    2. Do not include the paint crew and football section together again, trust me, the same “classy” people out there watching the hot girls in spandex after class on a Wednesday are stumbling in drunk Saturday morning trying to start the wave
    3. When we worry about college students and class, we are really wasting time, they will do what they do, and there is no wasting breath about it

    • flipchuck says:

      although I have many many many problems with every one of your 5 comments, I take serious offense to #2. Yes our Volleyball team is made up of attractive young ladies who happen to wear spandex, but that’s not the reason why people come to the Block Party. I’ve been to every Big Ten campus to watch our volleyball team play and I can personally guarantee you that the fan with the least volleyball intelligence in the Block Party is has more volleyball intelligence than nearly every other team’s smartest student fans.

      And just because you’re jealous that we have personalized the cheering experience doesn’t mean that you can bash our members for having ‘hand motions’ for every player.

    • wrong again jabergho says:

      Ishbah has since been seen playing the song at other Purdue sporting events…

  • jabergho says:

    Ok agree to disagree, I’m glad it works for you in volleyball, where someone is credited to every play, but it doesn’t work in basketball, and in basketball, where there is a 35 second shot clock, speeding up cheers is awful. I spent four years in block party, and my memories include never sitting higher than the 5th row, enjoying the volleyball being played, and having a good time, but at the same time, I remember shaking my head in disgust at some of the antics used by one of the leaders, some of the cheers used by the block party, and the way this guy treated other fans. I remember him kicking people out of “his seat” despite general admission, and him being an all around jerk to whoever he didn’t recoginize as regulars.

    I loved most of the block party, and phil is the man, but that model of how a student section should work wouldn’t stand a chance in the paint crew. But what do I know, I only ran it for a year.

  • flipchuck says:

    Well aparently the Block Party has changed a lot since you’ve been here, because there isn’t one thing (other than IU sucks) that would at all be termed crude in the slightest. And don’t you think everyone would stand up for Phil if someone who’s never been to a volleyball game got there before him and sat in his seat? (because you know noone who’s actually been to a game would ever try and sit in his spot)

  • csd72 says:

    You can’t worry too much about what is said on GBI. Some of the people their obsess over what 18-23 year olds do on the court and on the field so why would they not turn their eye to the student section as well. I personally can’t wait for the cheer every game. Everyone around me (olds as you call us) seems to enjoy it. As I have seen said before going to the game is all about fun. I agree completely with that.

  • richac2 says:

    I’m not a graduate of Purdue or IU, but had the opportunity to go to the IU game at Mackey. All I can say is that, it is very disgraceful. Just because others are worse doesn’t excuse your behaviour. The other thing that struck me was that to be yelling IU sucks not only at IU games but others, demonstrates an inferiorty complex.

    • ledman24 says:

      Disgraceful? Really? Did you faint after hearing such a horrendous word? Let’s be adults about this. Sucks is not the end of the world.

  • Chris says:

    I love the post and I love the song, word on Reddit (I know, consider the source) is that it has been removed. Guess we will see tonight at the game, hope its not :-( I just get accepted and it gets removed. While on the subject of removing things…..Coach Hope….come here….:-)

  • Jdub says:

    You miss the point why the cheer sucks! It has nothing to do with saying ‘sucks’ but it has everything to do with us playing anyone other than IU. Say we are playing a ranked MSU team, and all we can cheer is ‘IU sucks’ during that game. No wonder IU fans think we have a little bro complex, IU doesn’t give 2 $hits about us and when we are playing other teams, we are all worried about saying IU sucks!?! D U M B When we play IU, hilarious, but when we are not playing them, it’s so pathetic.

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