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Where we Stand

The Purdue coaching search is well on it’s way and here’s where Purdue currently stands.  It’s a hot mess.  White hot.

Butch Jones Out for Purdue

Darrell Hazell, next man up?

Butch Jones who had been so publicly courted by Burke has apparently spurned his advances.  In the classic sitcom setup of a guy having two dates, three if you include Cincinnati, for a dance Butch just can’t make a decision.  We don’t know the logic for Jones saying no but we do know it wasn’t about money.  All reports I’ve seen put Burke’s offer in line if not ahead of the offer made by Colorado.  A counter offer from Cincinnati could be the wild card here as I’m sure Jones feels some sort of loyalty to the school that’s made him such a hot target.  For now it seems Jones is trying to decide between 1-11 Colorado and staying at Cincinnati.  Either way Purdue is out of the picture.

Sonny Dykes- Where art thou?

Sonny Dykes, my number one choice, seems to be staying pretty quiet during this whole process.  I haven’t heard his name mentioned for Tennessee or Arksans or even NC State despite early murmurs those were his preferences.  His team turned down a bowl game because they were hoping for a better offer.  If that’s any indication of how Dykes negotiates someone may get a bargain of a coach.  Cal seems to be the front runner for him at this point but with the coaching carousel you never know.  I’d still like to see Burke take a shot at him and use the extra money for a hot shot defensive coordinator.

Darrell Hazell

The Kent State head coach was rumored to be in the running at NC State that eventually went to Dave Doeren.  According to tweets from Gold and Black Hazell is very much “in play” for Purdue.  What that means I’m not entirely sure.  Thanks in large part to our good friends at Flight Aware we know that a Purdue plane flew into Akron which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Kent State campus.  It’s assumed that Burke and others met with Hazell to discuss the coaching opening.  It’s not known if Hazell was made an offer but I’d doubt that he was considering Burke was still holding out hope for Jones.  Hazell is my second choice so I’d be thrilled with him as Purdue’s next head coach.  We’ll see how things play out.


So that’s where we are after just over a week.  Purdue’s been turned down once and has moved on to their second and perhaps even third candidates.  Keep in mind Joe Tiller wasn’t Burke’s first choice back in the 90’s.  Just because someone is a first choice doesn’t mean they would work out the best.  Burke wanted to hire Bob Davie originally.  I for one am glad that didn’t work out.  I’m sure you’ll see reports of Burke dropping the ball and he should be fired and this is a failure of Purdue’s athletic department but I don’t see it that way.  You can’t force someone into a job.  If I was offered a similar job to what I have now at IU but then received a comparable raise at my current employer I’d stay at my current employer.  That doesn’t mean IU failed it simple means I was predisposed to not choosing the IU position in the first place.  Perhaps Jones had lukewarm feelings toward the Purdue position already.  There are too many variables to simply throw this at Burke’s feet and say he failed.  Let’s see where Purdue lands before we condemn the man shall we?


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