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Jumbo Heroes on the Offensive against the Indianapolis Star

I try my best not to insult the media or take them to task for their garbage but there are just some things that I can’t sit by and let happen without commenting.  The Indianapolis Star has long since decided that they will not cover Purdue.  They don’t have a Purdue beat writer anymore and instead just recycle Purdue content from other newspapers such as the Lafayette J&C.  I understand it’s a business decision and that’s fine.  I won’t tell you how to run your business.  When they make me angry though is when they complain about the lack of comments on a Purdue story and somehow make it seem like Purdue fans don’t care or that there aren’t enough of us out there to justify covering Purdue.  What do I mean?

bkravitzBob Kravitz
Purdue people rip us for what they view as IU-heavy coverage, but here ya go: Zeller column has 116 comments, Hummel column 26 #itiswhatitis

Dan Dakich
@bkravitz yo Kravvy..retweeted ur Purdue/IU comparison.. Lots of responses.. None original

Good old Bob Kravitz from the Indianapolis Star wrote this on his twitter account after posting a story about Robbie Hummel.  Dan Dackich then tweeted at his friend Bob that, hey Purdue fans are dumb!  They can’t come up with original criticism of your statement!  Well maybe that’s because the original criticism is apt.  Let’s think about this from a business perspective since after all they argue that’s what this is.

Excellent Mustache

The Indianapolis Star, the biggest paper in the state, caters to the bigger fan bases in the state.  These of course being IU Basketball and Notre Dame football (mostly the same people).  I have no illusions about that.  I know Purdue isn’t the largest fan base in the state.  That doesn’t mean Purdue doesn’t deserve coverage.  They had a Purdue beat writer and he had his Purdue blog on their website.  Then it just stopped.  They shifted him over to high school sports.  I understand the J&C and Star are run by the same people so yes it may make business sense to simply copy and paste articles.  The question for the average reader becomes why would I pay for two papers when I can get everything I need from one?  The J&C does a much better job of Purdue coverage than the Star so why would I give the Star my money for recycled articles and homer IU articles by Terry Hutchins?  In the end Purdue fans dropped the Star because there was no real reason to keep it.  Then the people at the Star bitch and moan that their decision was justified because fewer Purdue fans are coming to their site.  That’s what we like to call a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If I stop writing about Purdue on this site and instead write about the Cincinnati Reds with the occasional Purdue article I will lose the Purdue fans that come here.  Instead they will get their news elsewhere.  You can’t ignore readers and expect them to stick around like little puppy dogs.

In today’s age of the internet and blogs I don’t know many people that get all their news from newspapers.  The Indianapolis Star is a paper that has failed to adapt to changing times and was just in the unfortunate position of having to lay off many of their employees.  That’s never a good situation and I certainly wouldn’t wish that on anyone or any company regardless of my feelings toward them.  My point is that their business model needs updating.  Purdue fans have abandoned them so they tilt more heavily toward IU and thus have earned the moniker the IU Star.  I’m not going to link to the Indianapolis Star nor will I try and drive traffic there in any way.  The fact of the matter is the Star lost me as a customer a long time ago and will never get me back.  I know plenty of Purdue fans in the same boat as me.

Big Dan Himself

My favorite part of the whole situation is when Dan Dakich decides he wants to chime in.  The former IU coach felt the need to point out that none of the Purdue responses were original.  I’ve been of two minds about Dakich for a long time now.  When he was on the Big Ten Network doing games I think he does a fine job and he clearly has a wealth of basketball knowledge the likes of which most of us will never have.  Then he gets on the radio or on twitter and he clearly slants toward IU.  He panders to his audience despite the fact that I think he’s better than that.  He takes the bullying tactic like many political talk radio hosts and won’t listen to his callers.  He insults callers who he doesn’t agree with and belittles them.  I’m not sure when this became the way to respond to criticism but apparently it’s all the rage.  I know that the radio show is a business and he needs to move the needle but surely there are other ways to do so.

It’s perfect that these two guys seem to be buddies because they have the same attitude toward the problem.  They misdiagnose the problem.  They think Purdue fans don’t care enough or aren’t smart enough to make their voices heard.  The fact is though the fans they are shouting to about Purdue have moved on down the road to the J&C or to Hammer and Rails, Boiled Sports, or even here.  If you want to get your Purdue news I suggest steering as far away from the Star as possible.  I hope the management of the Star realizes that in order to gain subscribes they need to change their tactics.  Throwing Purdue fans a bone once a month isn’t coverage, it’s pathetic.

There are 29 Comments to "Jumbo Heroes on the Offensive against the Indianapolis Star"

  • Chris says:

    Dakich doesn’t work for the BTN anymore. He has been with ESPN for over a year now.

  • Drew says:

    Dead on assessment. They are like Beavis and Butthead and egg each other on and think its funny because they know the hillbillies in Bloomington will eat it up. Instead they just come across as the 55 year old douchebags they are.

  • b says:

    i canceled my subscription over the last column surrounding lack of comments about Marve. just dumb to call out fan base…nice breakdown. I do like dakich more than i did a year ago. He loves Painter and gives him time on air. all i care about , i dont listen to dakich much

  • ES says:

    It’s fairly evident that when the Boilers can’t sell out every night with a top 10 ranked team that their fan base isn’t up to par with other basketball schools. Dakich actually seems bitter towards IU and seems to praise Painter often, which is deserved because he’s a very good coach. Not sure about Dan’s “wealth of basketball knowledge”. He was turned down for a high school coaching job and talks about a motion offense, which no top 25 team has run for 15 years.

    • ledman24 says:

      Not sure where you’re getting your information about Purdue not selling out games. Just because not everyone shows up doesn’t mean tickets aren’t sold. Mackey seats 14,123 (last year) and Purdue sold over 14,032 season tickets before the season started. I don’t know the exact total but I’d imagine the other 91 tickets per game probably got sold.

    • ZMack says:

      Lol. “No top 25 team has run motion offense for 15 years”. Purdue has been a top 25 team for the last four years and yes-they run a motion offense. IU Fan or just ignorant? I’d guess both. And if by “turned down for high school coaching job”, you are talking about not getting the IU head coach position, then I would have to agree with you.

  • ES says:

    PS – it’s also entertaining that a school renowned for its horticulture program is calling people in southern IN “hillbillies.”

  • Rob says:

    I take it you meant TERRY Hutchins, not Bob. Kravitz wasn’t bitching in that tweet. He was commenting how Purdue fans bitch about the star’s coverage.

  • KingT says:

    PS-People that get a degree in horticulture are not the strata that is being referred too when calling people in S. Indiana hillbillies. The white trash that have never sniffed a high school diploma let alone a college campus is who he is referring to. These people are not comparable.

    • TheHoosierState says:

      Thanks for keeping tolerance and respect at a bare minimum. Your courageous and thoughtful insight is much appreciated.

  • Ryan says:

    Boom! Take that IU star! Comment section is hot today. Anyone tweet this to Kravitz or Danny D?

    • ledman24 says:

      Yeah someone tweeted it to DD and he said, “no same ole same ole w misspellings..the truth/questioning is not bullying”

      He actually called us out on his show saying I was a 12 year old and saying I could come to Purdue practice tonight because he will be there and said I could come fight him or something like that. Basically proving my point he is a bully.

  • TheHoosierState says:

    A simple “I don’t read the Indy Star out of choice” would have been fine. But your long-winded, circular opinion attracted enough attention for me to find this entry. Congrats on the publicity.

    • jmill says:

      That wouldn’t have made for a very interesting blog post.

      Do you not at least agree that their rudimentary metric for interest (comments on articles) is erroneous? This is like if McDonald’s started stopped selling hamburgers except for one day a week, and then wanted people to fill out a survey about their burgers. The results for that survey are not going to be very good (in number) because most people that want hamburgers have probably gone to other places that have them every day, and they taste better.

    • ledman24 says:

      Right and a simple, “I didn’t read your article because I disagree with the premise” would’ve been fine too but you felt the need to comment. We run a blog on Purdue sports. This is a sports story related to Purdue and therefore I felt the need to publicly comment on it.

      I didn’t do this to get publicity or grab attention. I wrote it because I wanted to point out the flaw in their logic. Jmill sums it up great in his comment to you.

  • Trisha says:

    Andrew, Andrew, Andrew… When are you going to learn to stop pushing people’s buttons?! Oh wait, who am I to talk?

    Good article, bub. It’s interesting you wrote this because I just unsubscribed to the star for this exact reason. Which is why I can’t understand why I continue to put myself through listening to their damn radio show and reading the ridiculous comments posted by people who are clearly 1: mad that you have a successful blog that happens to draw a lot of attention and also happens to dog on IU sports occasionally* 2: jealous that they go to a school who has had great sports achievements in the past, but continues to wallow in loss and self tanner.

    All jokes aside- I’m proud of you for your accomplishments and I’m proud to have been a Boilermaker-Mackey faithful with you. You’re going places and I think it’s awesome.

    Your horticulture/agriculture, hillbilly friend who makes more money, two years out of college than those oompa loompas could ever dream about.

    *’s signify a term used loosely. ;)

  • Mike says:

    I’m as big a Purdue fan as they come, JPC and all that…but honestly, who the hell cares what anyone else thinks about Purdue? Every time someone make a comment that has the slightest hint of negativity toward the Boilers, half the fan base gets butt-hurt about it. Would it make us any better if CBS had us as a 4 seed in their mock bracket instead of a 6? Would an extra 30 seconds of highlights on Sportcenter get us a bowl game? Seriously…you don’t need the media’s approval to like a team, in fact I prefer to not have it. Name me one team that gets hyped by the media that anyone outside their market doesn’t despise…Man up, stop whining, and BTFU!

    • jmill says:

      It’s different to get hyped by a national media outlet than your ‘local’ media outlet. I can understand giving iu more coverage in Indy than us, that makes sense, but to give Purdue next to none when we are more successful and nationally relevant in all major sports than they are is just silly. Not to mention that when they do write Purdue articles, they more often than not are negative in tone and content whereas the iu ones are full of praise.

      I agree with you in that I don’t care how people view Purdue. WE know it’s a great school; WE know how good we have/can/will be. We should want the people in Indy to care about Purdue too and having better coverage in the largest paper in the state would surely help.

      Ever Grateful, Ever True.

    • ledman24 says:

      Mike, I don’t particularly care about the media’s approval. My issue is that they don’t cover us and then complain about the response when they finally do cover us. They are complaining, and making a public point, to show they were right in their decision not to cover Purdue. I can live with them not covering Purdue, but what I can’t live with is their faulty logic they use to justify it.

  • jabergho says:

    I think its funny that dakich called you a 12 year old when everyone associated with this blog has a degree, a real job, and a wife except for the one who lives his girlfriend, I guess were messing dakichs livelyhood, all it is for us is something to do, and if we sucked at it we wouldn’t have so many daily viewers

  • G says:

    Guys, I hate to state the obvious, but when did a comparison of the number of comments to a story become a leading indicator of readership?

    I look at the stats Kravitz used and think, “no kidding, most of the IU fan base craves attention and input”. Whereas the typical PU fan is more interested in results than ranting in public comment sections of newspapers.

    • ledman24 says:

      Oh I completely agree. It’s the fact that Kravitz used # of comments as a sign of readership. He wrote a rehashed article about Rob versus an article about the “savior” of IU basketball. Which story do you logically think will get more comments?

  • Indianapolis Fan says:

    Yea, I’m meeting up with my Purdue grad friends for this Sunday’s game and will ask them to cancel their Indystar subscriptions. There’s 20 of us and at least half are subscribing to Indystar. I don’t know why….between JC and NYTimes, I get far better coverage of northern Indiana news and national news than anything Indystar can put up

    Heck, why not start a campaign to get Purdue fans to drop their Indystar subscription! If we really push it, surely it will cost Indystar another few thousand or even tens of thousands of paid subscriptions. And they can thank Mr Kravitz for that

  • Yel Desi says:

    I bet Bob Kravitz smells like penusbutter

  • Yel Desi says:

    I forgot to add – I do not read that rag in the first place. BUt I hear it makes a great bedding for rats

  • […] time to time about the lack of coverage in Indianapolis for Purdue athletics.  I might have even written a blog post about it at one time or another.  I can’t remember.  Canceling your Indy Star subscription […]

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