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Consider me Scared

Look I know any team can beat any other team on any given night.  I get that and understand it.  That’s no reason though for me to be scared of Purdue playing a school I had never heard of until selection Sunday.  What makes matters worse is their mascot.  Check him out below.

I'm not sure that's a peacock

That has to be the most low budget peacock I have ever seen.  If my team was the peacocks first of all we’d have live peacocks at all sporting events.  Secondly our human mascot would look a lot cooler than this guy!  Plus look at the pooch on this guy!  Clearly he needs to do a little working out before jumping into that costume.  Let’s not forget about the most famous peacock mascot of all time either!

Carlton Banks- Son of a Millionaire and yet College Mascot

Now that my friends is how a peacock mascot should look!  Until Carlton Banks shows up in that majestic outfit I won’t be scared of the peacocks.

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